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Artichoke Tea The ORIGINAL Artichoke Diet Tea from the Most Famous Artichoke Products Alcachofivida Now with Free Shipping!
The Original and First on the Market...GN+V Artichoke Tea from the makers of the amazing Artichoke Vials and Artichoke Diet Pill. Look for the Sealed Envelopes with the Design you've Come to Recognize (See Picture Above) & Don't Accept Cheap Knock-offs..This is "The" one with 1000's of Satisfied Users!
Remember that The Artichoke Tea is part of the COMPLETE ARTICHOKE DIET that can Include the Artichoke Vials and Artichoke Capsules and Don't Forget Our Bulk Savings...Simply add More than 2 Boxes of Tea to your Cart and watch the Price LOWER the more you buy!

GN+Vida brings this Amazing Daily Tea to be used daily in conjunction with the Liquid Artichoke Vials or Capsules from Alcachofivida by GN+Vida. This is another amazing product based on the Artichoke diet supplements that may assist you in achieving your weight control goals while at the same time providing you with the benefits Tea has been hailed with such as Antioxidants. With powerful ingredients considered to be natural antioxidants such as Red, White an the best known Green Tea, and combining those with all the benefits for which Artichoke is sought, Artichoke Tea by GN+Vida is yet another wonderful complement to their full Weight Loss Supplement line Alcachofivida. Contains 30 Tea Bags / 0.10 Oz Each.

Green tea leaf, Red tea leaf, White tea Leaf and Artichoke.
How to Use:

Adults (from 18 years old and over): Place a tea bag into a cup of boiling water and let it steep for at least 5 minutes. You may sweeten the tea with a sugar (no calories) substitute for better taste. It is preferable if you take it *at night*. If this is the first time you use this tea, you may with to start with only half the suggested dose.

* Remember as with any Natural Supplement Individual Results May Vary.