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Pineapple Tea Gn+Vida

Pineapple Tea Gn+Vida

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Pineapple Tea Gn+Vida 100% Authentic Pineapple tea from GN+Vida. This tea is a great way to help you feel fuller and eat less while dieting and exercising. This tea uses a combination of Pineapple, Flax, Green Tea, Red Tea, and White tea to help raise your metabolism while helping you burn a few extra calories. Piñalim helps cleanse out your gastrointestinal system and helps relieve your body of retained liquids. The natural occurring bromelain in the tea helps increase metabolism and improve digestion. It is also useful in the treatment of colitis and reducing inflammation in the body.


Drink one or two packs per day (Preferable at lunch and/ or at night.) Soak in boiling water for 5 minutes (tea bag can be reused several times.) And stir and press tea bag gently with a spoon to fully release fragrance of herb.

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I really like this detox tea. It gives you a good cleaning and the taste is smooth going down. It normally works me on the next day, due to taking it before bedtime. You must be able to be near a restroom, because once it begins to work you out, there's no holding back. Great tea.

- Erika Pratt-

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