Meizi Evolution Botanical Soft Gel


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Meizi Evolution Botanical Soft Gel is the most advanced version among Meizitang Series, it combines more pure ingredients to slim body more effective without any stimulation and side effect, it has strong pertinence and very good effect at fat accumulation baby part, no rebounding and no diet, you can lose weight without exercise!


Fat Stopping: Blocking lipase to stop the fat being absorbed in the intestines, excrete directly and prevent the sugar converting into fat

Fat Cleaning: relax bowel, melt fat, and improve intestines function, promote fat metabolism and improve gastrointestinal metabolism

Fat Burning: promote the digestion of fatty foods, inhibit fat absorption to prevent secondary accumulation

Fat Converting: enable fat storage and metabolism being in equilibrium, leading to long-term weight-loss effect


Take 1 capsule 30 to 40 minutes before breakfast. Drinking enough water throughout the day.