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Written By Maxdiel Robles Tortello - September 18 2014


July 21 2015

oh Momma!! LMAO! So feel your pain on this!! Once I was asked to be on an honor guard for a very special mraitlity function. Not only as a part , but the Commander of the HG. OH YAY! But I was 2 months PP with second child. I knew I was gonna need to wear the body suit spandex. So I sqeeeezzzeedd , sucked,tucked and praed myself into it. Then I tried on my dress uniform. Hmm, not bad but crap! Couldn’t fasten the bottoms with the shirt tucked in to make a clean line and no bulge. So, I figured I would wear the panty with it. Tugged, drill-sargent voiced myself into that also, then redressed. Yes! I looked rockin good! I go out to the car, and take off, it’s an hour, 15 minute drive. I was hot, sweating, barely able to breathe. You can not sit down and drive in this stuff! Especially 2 layers! ( I left my jacket off for the drive cause it is restrictive and I am so short). I was litterally able to rest my chin on my boobs. Which even after 2 kids and being PP, I was barely hitting a C cup. So sad. Anyway, We rocked the event. My CG looked awesome and even got some cool new coins. Then 4 months after that, it was Military ball time for my husband’s unit. Oh here we go again!! Rocking dress, 2 layers, 6 months PP, and trying not to pass out during the long boring speeches and honors. I knew too many people there!

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